Please be advised that our payment systems will be taken offline in order to perform routine maintenance.
This will take place from 10pm on Friday March 24th and will continue until the systems are available online at 7am on Saturday March 25th.
During these hours all payment systems will be taken offline. You will not be able to make any rent payments using your debit or credit card.  


Repair responsibilities

As part of your tenancy agreement, in your home, you are responsible for:

  • Accidental or malicious damage, by customers or visitors
  • Adjustment of doors for carpets or other flooring
  • Air locks in radiators (radiator bleeding)
  • Batteries in smoke/heat/carbon monoxide detectors, door bells
  • Bath panels
  • Blockages to sinks, washbasins, baths, toilets (except customers living in flats, where shared drainage is blocked)
  • Cleaning and other housekeeping activity
  • Clothes lines and posts (except communal areas)
  • Condensation/mould (unless due to structural faults)
  • Cookers and other appliances (unless provided by Orbit), including installation
  • Damage due to forced entry by Police
  • Decorating – internal to individual homes
  • Door numbers and nameplates, door bells, chains, letter plates and boxes
  • Draught proofing
  • Extensions or additions where installed by the customer, with or without permission, unless otherwise stated
  • Fences – dividing fencing between homes (except privacy panels)
  • Fuses and plugs to customer’s own appliances and equipment
  • Gardening and trees (except communal areas, trees in private gardens, at Orbit’s discretion, if structural damage to property is being caused, or tree is dead or diseased)
  • Garden walls (ornamental, installed by customer)
  • Gates (except communal areas)
  • Glass cleaning (unless external under service charge cover)
  • Glazing - accidental breakage and vandalism (see Security below)
  • Hat and coat rails
  • Hot water cylinder jackets (removable) (except in Supported Housing)
  • Keys (replacement for lost or stolen) and associated lock changes, accidental lock-out not caused by fault to lock, additional key requirements, additional locks
  • Light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters
  • Locks, furniture and hinges to internal doors
  • Pest control (except in communal areas)
  • Plaster repairs - minor patching and cracking to walls and ceilings
  • Plugs and chains to sinks, baths, washbasins (excluding those in Supported Housing; communal facilities)
  • Renewal of letter plates, door knockers, door bells and numerals
  • Customers’ own fixtures and fittings
  • Customers’ own improvements, unless otherwise agreed with Orbit
  • Customers’  possessions
  • Sealant to fixtures such as baths, washbasins, worktops
  • Sheds (timber)
  • Shower heads and hoses, shower rails and shower curtains (excluding those in Supported Housing, or communal facilities)
  • Tap washers
  • Toilet seats and covers including replacement (excluding those in Supported Housing, communal facilities)
  • TV aerials and satellite dishes (except communal aerials)
  • Washing machines (excluding communal facilities)

We are responsible for:

  • Ceilings (excludes decoration)
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Communal areas to blocks of flats
  • Decorating – external
  • Doors (excludes decoration, locks, furniture and hinges to internal doors)
  • Drain or sewage problems
  • Electrical wiring and fittings
  • Entry phones
  • Floors (excludes carpets and flooring not supplied by Orbit)
  • Fences – boundary (next to public right of way)
  • Garden walls (boundary or dividing)
  • Gas central heating systems, fires, flues and annual gas servicing
  • Guttering and downpipes, including blockages
  • Keys (replacement for lost or stolen) and associated lock changes, accidental lock-out not caused by fault to lock
  • Kitchen units etc supplied and fitted by Orbit
  • Locks (faulty) to external doors and windows
  • Paths and paving (shared walkways and main property access only)
  • Plaster and plasterboard (excludes minor cracks, holes and indentations)
  • Plumbing (excludes customer's own plumbing to/from appliances)
  • Porch or canopy repairs
  • Roofs, fascia boards and soffits, chimneys, flues
  • Security to home following a break-in, boarding-up, re-glazing (crime reference number required)
  • Staircases and handrails
  • Walls (internal and external, but excludes internal decoration)
  • Wall tiling
  • Water - hot and cold supply
  • WC pans and cisterns, baths, washbasins (excludes blockages to shared drainage, see customer responsibilities above))
  • Windows (excludes re-glazing, unless crime-related; see Security above), failed double glazing seals