Repairs to your home

We’re committed to maintaining your home in good condition. Any repairs that are our responsibility will be fixed quickly. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need repairs to your home, these can be reported online by going to the report a repair page in My Account.

To meet our legal responsibilities we will:

  • Keep the exterior (eg roof, walls, doors, windows, paths) and interior (eg ceilings, doors, floors) of the building in good repair
  • Make sure supplies for gas, water and electricity are in good working order
  • Maintain kitchen and bathroom equipment and drainage
  • Maintain shared areas like entrances and stairways

We expect you to:

  • Treat your home with care and respect; you will be charged for repairs or damage that we do not consider fair wear and tear
  • Report repair problems to us as soon as possible
  • Replace minor items like tap washers, light bulbs, toilet seats, shower heads and hoses
  • Keep your home decorated to a reasonable standard
  • Allow access for essential works such as water leaks and for the annual gas safety check and any work that is needed
  • Understand how to combat condensation and mould in your home 

For more information, please look at the questions below.

Watch our Fix it videos for advice on what you can do to help yourself.

Which repairs will Orbit carry out?

We’ll carry out most repairs to your home, but there are some things for which you’re responsible. These can be found in the repair responsibilities document. Please ask us if you’re in any doubt. 

Right to repair

In law, you have a right to be compensated if we fail to carry out a repair within a specified timescale, and if we then further fail to complete the repair when you have requested it for a second time.  The repair must be a qualifying one which, if left, would jeopardise your health, safety or security. 

The amount of compensation you may claim is a flat rate of £10, plus £2 per day for each day the repair remains incomplete, up to a maximum of £50 for any one claim.  The ‘Right to Repair’ does not give you the right to carry out a repair yourself and then be compensated.

If you believe you may have a claim, please contact us through one of the routes listed for reporting repairs.

How quickly will repairs be completed?

Repairs will be made at your convenience where possible. Repairs are categorised as emergency, essential or routine. You’ll be offered an appointment if the repair is routine. Wherever possible we will confirm the appointment via a text message. Prior to arriving we will aim to confirm arrangements via a text message or telephone call.

Emergency - these are repairs that present an immediate risk to safety, security or health.  We aim to attend within 4 hours and complete within 24 hours.

eg board up for security, gas leaks, gas supply failure, burst to or loss of water supply, total loss of electricity supply

Essential - these are repairs where there is a risk to the customer or property if the repair is not dealt with quickly. We aim to complete these within 24 hours.

eg partial loss of power, partial loss of water supply, total or partial loss of heating or hot water (1 November to 30 April), significant uncontainable leaks from water or heating pipes, water storage tank or cistern

Routine - these are repairs which do not cause serious inconvenience. We aim to complete these repairs within 28 calendar days.

eg total or partial loss of heating or hot water (1 May to 31 October), minor plumbing leaks, tap which cannot be fully turned off, brickwork, guttering repairs.

Sometimes we’ll need to inspect your home before the work can be booked; in such cases, your local surveyor will contact you to arrange to visit.

Who will make the repair and when will the work be done?

We use external contractors to carry out repair work. These contractors will always carry photo ID. They’ll always tell you before they visit your home, unless it is an emergency. Stay safe: don’t let anyone into your home that you aren’t expecting and who can’t prove they are representing us. Call the Customer Contact Centre to check their identification.

What service can I expect from Orbit’s contractors?

Our contractors sign up to a code of conduct. They agree to uphold our values of honesty, partnership, innovation, respect and excellence. Their behaviour in and around your home is key to the success of our service. 

What if I’m not happy with the work?

We want to hear your opinions and experiences. Your feedback helps improve future services. You may be asked questions about recent work carried out in your home. Please don’t wait to be contacted by the team if you’re not happy. Contact us so the problem can be resolved quickly. We might want to inspect completed work, even if you’re happy with it, to make sure we are satisfied that our homes are being well maintained. Please allow a surveyor access to your home if asked.