The Allpay System is currently undergoing a System Upgrade, therefore, you are unable to make payment via Allpay between Friday 2nd December at 10pm and Sunday 4 December at 10pm


What happens if I fall behind with payments?

You must contact us immediately if you can’t pay your rent. Please don’t be afraid to contact your account handler. The longer you leave it, the worse the situation will get. If you talk to us, we’ll be able to tell you about places where you can get free and independent money advice to help you manage your debt. 

Notice of seeking possession

Our policy is to make sure rent is collected on time and in line with the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. When dealing with rent debts, we’ll serve a “notice of seeking possession”. This is a legal notice. It’s the first legal step in repossessing your home. You must make sure you clear your debts in full or contact us to agree arrangements to clear the debt. If you ignore the notice and don’t clear your debts, you could lose your home.

Court hearing

If you receive a court hearing date, we’ll:

  • send a copy of your rent statement to you within 10 days of that date
  • contact the local housing benefit department to see if you have an outstanding claim.

You’ll be asked to pay your rent debts in full before the court date or to contact us to agree a plan for how you’ll pay. You must keep paying in line with the court order to clear the debt or we’ll take further action to repossess your home. You should seek independent advice on the legal actions being taken. More information on support can be found in the Advice Services section.

Eviction notice

If you receive an eviction notice, the court bailiff will take possession of your home on the date and time stated on it. To stop this from happening you’ll need to clear your outstanding debts, including court costs, before that date. You should also seek independent advice on the legal actions being taken. More information on support can be found in the Advice Services pages.

In some cases, you can apply to the court for another hearing about your outstanding debts. If you want to do this, you’ll need to do it yourself, and you might have to pay a fee. The judge will ask you to explain why you haven’t made payments as previously ordered and will also ask us to give details of the case. The judge will decide whether you’re allowed to stay in your home while you pay back your debt, or whether you must leave on the set eviction date.

If you need any more advice or want to discuss your rent debts please contact us.