Please be advised that our payment systems will be taken offline in order to perform routine maintenance.
This will take place from 10pm on Friday March 24th and will continue until the systems are available online at 7am on Saturday March 25th.
During these hours all payment systems will be taken offline. You will not be able to make any rent payments using your debit or credit card.  


Victoria Villa

Victoria Villa

150 Canterbury Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 5FD

The scheme has 5 two-bedroom flats and 35 one-bedroom flats and is set back from the main road where the closest bus stop is.  The scheme is fully wheelchair accessible and has a large buggy store.  Each flat has its own front door and comprises a lounge, bedroom(s) flush floor shower/bathroom and fully fitted kitchen awarding customers complete privacy, independence and security.  Additional security is provided by means of a camera at the main entrance whereby customers can access a view of the front door via a screen in their flat and respond to visitors from the comfort of their own flat.  Communal facilities at the scheme include a lounge/dining room with a loop system, breakfast and luncheon clubs, laundry facilities, sluice room, a treatment/hairdressing room and a guest room for hire.  There is also a lift and Arjo baths on the first and second floors.  In the communal lounge there is a large TV complete with a Wii system plus a computer with internet access web camera.  There is also tea/coffee making facilities for customers' use.  The garden has raised flower beds and a large patio area with tables and seating and an area of customers to dry their laundry.

If you would like further information please call 0800 678 1221.