Feedback - what we've done

We continually work with our customers to make a difference to the way services are delivered.  Find out more about their achievements on this page.

Recent @Home activities

We worked with the Quick Response team on our new customer promise. Customers told us what different words meant to them and shared their views on the proposed promise. We are looking at what customers said and will publish this soon.

The Readers’ Panel commented on the customer magazine and as a result we made the following changes:

  1. We changed some of the colours to try and make things easier to read
  2. We shortened the website address for Citizens Advice
  3. We included information (signposted to the website) for people to report anti-social behaviour (ASB) as part of the ASB article
  4. We simplified ‘The Budget’ article to remove jargon and outline changes more clearly
  5. We changed the headings on some of the pages to make them clearer and easy to understand
  6. We corrected a few small typing errors.

     There was also one suggestion we agreed with but couldn’t change:

Front cover – customers suggested we used the photo of the customer with her daughter. Totally agree. We tried to do this even before we had customer feedback but, because we only had landscape versions of the photo and not a portrait shot, we weren’t able to. We were disappointed too!


Recent Face-to-Face activities

Our Performance Challenge teams have been busy looking at re-let times for sheltered accommodation and satisfaction with our ASB service. Reports will be posted in the near future.

Customer Involvement Service Improvement group: we have just set up our new ‘Buddying’ initiative with Amicus Horizon where customers will support other customers in their involvement activities. This will be launched shortly.



To find out how customers helped us make improvements last year in our regions, click the links below

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Check out how customers across Orbit made a difference last year, how we invested in involvement and what happened as a result.

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