Right to Buy and Right to Acquire

The Government set up the Right to Buy scheme to help council customers to buy their home. They received a discount on the cost, which varied according to how long they had been a customer.

The Right to Acquire scheme is very similar to this. The only difference is it applies to housing association customers as opposed to council customers. The Government developed this scheme in 1996 and updated it in the Housing Act 2004. Please download our Right to Buy and Acquire leaflet for more details on who’s eligible.

Please visit the Government’s Right to Buy web pages for more information on Right to Buy.

These Government web pages have more information on Right to Acquire.

Ongoing costs of home ownership

Don’t forget that once you’ve bought your home, you’ll need to pay to run and maintain it. Typical costs include:

  • mortgage payments
  • council tax
  • utility bills (gas, electricity, water, etc.)
  • service charges
  • maintenance and repair costs
  • insurances (buildings insurance, life insurance, etc.)

What happens if I don’t meet my mortgage repayments?

If you don’t meet your mortgage payments the consequences will be very serious. You could lose your home if your lender decides to take you to court.