Mission statement, culture and values

Our mission is Building Communities. This is done by working together to improve the social, economic and environmental prospects of people and communities. This mission forms the basis of our 2020 Vision. This vision is also guided by our passions, principles and resources.

2020 Vision

The delivery of Orbit’s 2020 Vision will be achieved through a culture driven by ‘Profit for a Purpose’. This means that Orbit is a values-based business which makes a profit so that it can deliver its purpose of Building Communities. ‘Profit for a Purpose’ is about maximising efficiency and resources through a commercial approach; harnessing insight and innovation; and investing in our people to create a dynamic culture of trust, enterprise and achievement.

Our values drive our culture. These are:

  • honesty
  • respect
  • excellence
  • innovation
  • partnership

We expect our staff to live these values every day, and show them in the way they treat customers and each other. Watch our culture narrative to find out more: